Ravaged Mix – August 2011

I intended for this mix to be a ‘warm-up’ for Infest 2011, but didn’t manage to get it online until mid-festival due to upload errors! Still, it consists of the cream of the crop of the most recent tracks I’d come across alongside some classics. There are great remixes of songs by Freakangel and Mesmer’s Eyes, and some stompy brilliance from Alter der Ruine and Phosgore.

Strident Mix – June 2011

‘Strident’ means a sound with harsh or shrill qualities to it, as described by the dictionary definition I sampled in the intro; this mix consists primarily of aggrotech and harsh EBM tracks, accompanied by some of my current favourite industrial tracks.

Synthetic Mix – April 2011

The Synthetic Mix is lighter than the others, and full of lovely synths! Containing a few classics from Agonoize and Rotersand, this mix also includes some brilliant harsh EBM/aggrotech tracks from C2 & DJ Reaver (… go on, guess the track ;-P ) and Centhron.

Explicit Mix – September 2010

Whilst researching tracks to record a new mix I noticed there seemed to be a certain theme to some of the better pieces I was finding; violence, sex, and all things illicit! So I gathered them together and created the Explicit Mix. Another of my own tracks, ‘Hacked’, is included, alongside some S.A.M, Uberbyte, Schallfaktor and others!

Upgraded Mix – August 2010

The Upgraded Mix was a set I recorded as I was finally getting out of what was quite a tough time of my life, and tied in perfectly with the release of Xr-x’s ‘Update 3.0′ album. The mix starts with a blend of two remixes of the loved ‘The Update’ before going on to include brilliant pieces from Suono and Aggressionslevel 4.0, and even one of my own creations!

Infected Mix – June 2010

The very first in this series of mixes, the Infected Mix progresses from Noize, through Industrial to EBM, then back again. The mix contains tracks from such artists as Phosgore, Alien Vampires, Eisenfunk, Ext!ze and Kiew, and should contain some favourites as well as lesser known pieces! Enjoy!